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Cooper's Shiloh Shepherd Blog

Cooper's Shiloh Shepherd Blog

This blog has been created to share the many adventures of Cooper the AMAZING Shiloh Shepherd.... featuring his BEAUTIFUL sister Kira and lots of friends

Registered Name: Zion's Last Homerun at Shea
Call Name: Cooper
Owners: Geri Alex and Livio Cariello
Breeder: Tina Barber - founder of ISSR Shiloh Shepherds
Kennel: Shiloh Shepherds - New Zion Kennel, Fillmore, New York

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Las Vegas BABY!!!!!!!

Here we are arriving in Las Vegas.  Can't wait to hit the casinos; but first, the free buffet is calling my name!

While Kira trys her hand at poker I found what I think just has to be my lucky slot machine! 

Whoa!  Check out the chips in front of Kira!!!!  She is one lucky Shiloh.  I bet we get our rooms comped tonight.  You go Girl!

Here we are leaving Las Vegas with all our winnings.  We wanted to stay longer but we were asked to leave.  I guess they don't get too many lucky Shilohs around here.  They asked us to vacate the premises before we bankrupted them and shut the city down.  We did get some nice juicy steaks before they managed to escort us out of the hotel.  We got the last laugh.  Piles and piles of cash for Christmas shopping. 

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